When I lived in Leslieville, there were not very many options for food in the neighbourhood especially on Sundays and Mondays. It’s six years later and the area is thriving with restaurants, foodie shops and bars.

For people with the busy lifestyle, there is Eadrey Foods – a shop that has gourmet goods as well as hot food and fresh sandwiches for lunch or dinner.  Eadrey (who is a real person) started her business with her own line of hot sauces, dry rubs  and marinades. Within the store, you can purchase her sauces as well as other gourmet items like pasta, salsas, imported antipasto and other gourmet foods items.

For prepared foods, the kitchen offers:

  • an assortment of sandwiches  made on artisanal & organic breads
  • a variety of fresh gourmet salads
  • Curry Chicken Roti and Curry Vegetarian Roti
  • Homemade Family size soups & casseroles
  • Baked Jamaican beef patties & vegetarian samosas

I’ve visited this store many times and I have to make special note of the salads. I’ve never been a fan of salad because I’ve found them bland and boring plus the dressings were never to my taste. But this shop has helped be love salad again. One of my favourites is the kale salad. I found it refreshing and so tasty to eat that I usually consume the entire container rather than having it as a side dish for a meal during the week.

Kale with sundried tomatoes and toasted pine nuts

Kale with sundried tomatoes and toasted pine nuts

On a daily basis there are 7 salads that are rotated from a list of 30 that the kitchen could produce. The three most popular salads (kale, tofu & edamame, and sweet potato) are so popular that the store has an email list to alert customers when any these items are made because they can sell out before the end of the day leaving quite a few disappointed. The tofu & edamame is surprisingly my next go to salad. I usually don’t eat tofu (yes, I’m a picky eater) but I like the consistency of this one and I love edamame so this was just right for my particular palate.

Grilled tofu, edamame with black sesame seeds

Grilled tofu, edamame with black sesame seeds

But there are more than salads here. The chicken roti is all chicken! No filler – its just curried chicken in a roti shell and its deliciously filling. The vegetarian roti contains potato, chickpea, eggplant, carrots and zucchini. You can have a mix of the chicken and vegetarian filling in one roti just to mix it up.

There are also weekly lunch and dinner specials. On my last evening visit, I had the beef stew with brown butter gnocchi and green beans. I love it when the beef is really tender and still has tons of flavour. That’s what makes a good stew and this was all for $11.99.  Great prices and great food! It’s easy to know what’s cooking but checking out their weekly menu.

Beef stew with brown butter gnocchi and green beans

Beef stew with brown butter gnocchi and green beans

With fresh food like this, I may seriously think about moving back to the Leslieville hood but at least for now I can take home some great food for my meals during the busy work week.

I will leave you with more salads to salivate over.

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