Canucks are giving thanks today (or they did yesterday) feasting, relaxing or just enjoying a nice day off.

My family usually celebrates on the Sunday and then spends Monday recovering from all the good food and drink and then of course having leftovers! Like the American holiday in November, we celebrate with a turkey but my familial roots are Jamaican. Since I am a first generation Canadian, we like to incorporate both heritages in our meals. Lucky for me, I was invited to my sisters house to be lazy, eat my fill  and then watch movies. Here was my Thanksgiving meal.

Jerked turkey

I’ve grown up eating the traditional roast turkey but my sister is the only person I know that likes to jerk hers. It is flavourful with just the right amount of a kick but not too much. I love eating this style of turkey.


I have never been a fan of stuffing but I did enjoy this. My brother made the stuffing using croissants, thyme, basil, rosemary, seasonings and chicken stock.

Cranberry Sauce

My sister wouldn’t tell me how she made the cranberry sauce but she does use fresh cranberries. I love the fact that I got some steam in the photo too! My niece and nephew loved this just as much as I did.


If you’ve never tried oxtail, go and get some now. I will not invite you to my sister’s house for this because I do not like to share. She slow roasted this for 8 hours so the meat slid off the bone.

Salmon pasta

My brother in law made the salmon pasta. Before he finished making the sauce, I asked that he take some out before he added the cream. But you know it just doesn’t taste right with out. I did eat this creamy deliciousness with yummy chunks of salmon.

Rice and peas

Jamaicans call it rice and peas. Other Caribbean islands will call it peas and rice and then you know they are not from Jamaica.

Last but not least we of course had creamy mashed potatoes because who doesn’t love mashed potatoes?! Oh, and some vegetables for some colour.

Now I’m going back to watching movies and eat some leftovers. Later!


3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving eh!

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