It’s not your traditional taco.

It’s lobster…

Plump and succulent lobster! Sigh. I do love lobster.

Nota Bene Lobster Taco with Chili pepper, pickled carrots and onions, Tortilla chip, avocado, chipotle crema, Boston lettuce and coriander

Using Boston lettuce as the base was unique and just helped your taste buds focus on the flavours of the lobster, avocado, tangy pickled vegetables and a bit of heat from the chipotle into your mouth rather than being absorbed into a tortilla wrap.

I’m not criticizing how tacos are usually made, but I do like this twist. So much so, I had 4!

I paired the taco with David’s margarita with Avion tequila. It eased down my throat so smoothly that I won’t admit how many I ordered.

My advice to you is to get to Nota Bene Restaurant fast because this is the last week for these delicious tacos!


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