There is a special place in my stomach reserved for George Restaurant.

I could be biased. I was a member of The Verity Club – a private club for women – that adjoins the restaurant. George supplies the food for the club so I’ve had many meals at both locations.

As a birthday treat to myself, I decided to go for a quiet drink after work. The patio is such a special place. It is full of flowers and is secluded so I felt quite relaxed away from street noise and the busy bar scene.  My server Rob offered me a choice of regular, still or sparkling water and helped me choose a cocktail to get into relaxation mode. You have to try the Orchid Sangria! This is a white wine sangria rather than the traditional red and contains calvados soaked pear and apple slices, lemon juice, Grey Goose vodka, pear and ginger juice, honey water and topped with pinot grigio white wine. Let’s just say, do not forget to eat the fruit. It packs a punch! A bloody good one.

Orchid Sangria at George Restaurant

As I sat there sipping my drink, I was thinking of all the meals I’ve had at George. My last dinner there was the rack of venison with citrus spaetzle and medjool dates.

Rack of Venison, Citrus Spaetzle, Medjool Dates with a slice of foie gras (March 2012)

The food and service are top notch and the dishes have helped stretch my foodie palate in what flavours work together. Even I could not make this at home. It was more tender and did not taste gamey as many people have told me. It was also my first time having venison and I would definitely have it again.

What I really love about George is that your food prepared exactly the way you want it.  One of my closest friends adheres to a healthy lifestyle and that includes eating pasture raised meat (not grain fed), gluten free, minimal amounts of dairy, some legumes and organic vegetables whenever possible.  George is one of the few places in the city that can accommodate this type of request without batting an eyelash and making you feel that anything you want is within reach. And it is (within reason of course).

I am lactose intolerant and the are always kind enough to prepare my meal with this in mind. While waiting for my meal, I was brought an amuse bouche. It was a house smoked pastrami with black olive pesto and mine was prepared with a soy mayonnaise because there was dairy in the others. Boy did I love that!

Amuse Bouche – In house made pastrami with black olive pesto and pumpkin seed wafer

I decided to order a light bite which was the George salad of the day and a slice of foie gras. I usually don’t enjoy eating the healthy greens because I find it too bitter for my tastes but Chef Lorenzo has this wonderful miso dressing that balances out the bitterness so I am happy to eat the salad here. I did manage to get the the recipe for the dressing a few years ago and can be bribed if you really want it.

George Salad of the Day with a slice of Foie Gras

If you’ve read my previous posts, I don’t need to tell you how I feel about foie gras. It’s not served with the salad but ask and you shall receive so that’s exactly what I did!

What more can I say about this restaurant? From my favourite things post, they have a gorgeous patio, serve foie gras, of course they have champagne, excellent service, they definitely take reservations, and wow me with the fact they are so accommodating with what I can and can not eat.

George is a perfect place for a business lunch, family and friends dinner and a romantic date à deux. If my boyfriend is reading this post, did you know they help you plan surprise engagements and wedding receptions too?


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