Yesterday, I celebrated another birthday. You would think this post would be about the wonderful meal I had, but I chose instead to take a break from eating and just relax. To be honest, it was more because I co-hosted a party the night before and the last guest left at 6am. I think we deserved the rest.

Sunday was spent reflecting on life and all my favourite things that make me happy. Here is my list but no mushy items included. There are some things you just don’t need to know about me.

Brunch – I prefer having brunch on a Sunday since I consider it my day of rest.  I’m in a relaxed mood so I’m pretty good about waiting in line since its great opportunity to catch up with friends I haven’t seen in a long while. I also have an obsession with eggs benedict and my hollandaise sauce needs work. There are quite a few places I’ve had brunch: Edward Lesveque’s Kitchen, Le Petit Dejeuner, Bonjour Brioche, Globe Bistro, Frank @ the AGO, Boom Breakfast & Co., The Boiler House in the Distillery district, Hot House Cafe, School, and the Courtyard Cafe at the Windsor Arms Hotel. For New Year’s day, I enjoy eating at The Four Seasons Hotel or the Royal York Hotel for their all you can eat extravaganza. My brunch at home is pretty good as well. I make a great Bailey’s french toast if I do say so myself. If you love brunch, check out Now Magazine’s list of brunch places in the city.

Champagne – I am not one of those people that only drinks bubbly from the Champagne region but I respect that they are just trying to protect what they have and damn it’s good!

Customer Service – When you’re treated well and feel pampered, you’ll always associate good memories with that restaurant or store. It’s a simple concept but not everyone can get this right.

Duck/Foie Gras – Pan seared duck is something I have been trying to perfect at home because its so delicious. Foie Gras (politically incorrect deliciousness) is something I would smuggle into the country if we ever decided to ban it. Trevor Kitchen & Bar has a great foie gras section on their menu.

Family and Friends – Love em or hate em – the sharing and support you receive from your family and close friends is something you always think of and appreciate. That is why I enjoy inviting them over for dinner.

Lamb – I love making rack of lamb and my sister makes the juiciest lamb leg ever!

Lobster – I get crazy for lobster in the summer months. I like it steamed with butter but there is also lobster ravioli (Scaramouche) or an amazing lobster salad (Nota Bene) that is on my repeat list. I’m always on the hunt for a lobster sale or a lobster fest.

Patios – Who doesn’t love a great patio? But what makes it great? For me, its a combination of the layout (cozy places or cool bar area), the sun, throw in some bevvies, nibbles and cool people. Some happening patios are the Drake’s Sky Yard – they allow smokers, O & B Cafe Grill – has a DJ on Thursday nights, Earl’s, and George Restaurant’s beautifully designed hidden gem.

Reservations – I’m not a diva (well maybe a little) but I don’t love waiting for a long period of time to eat. For those restos that are first come first serve, if the food is fantastic then I’ll wait but I really don’t do that too often.

Wow Factor – Sometimes you just go somewhere and are blown away by something you’ve eaten. A few years ago, I dined at L’Atelier Joel du Rubuchon in London at the counter top by the open kitchen. I was served an amazing dessert. It was chocolate in the shape of an apple and on the inside was sorbet. I loved the presentation. The server than poured a warm pear sauce over it and just melted in front of my eyes. I was mesmerized. The diner beside me shook me and said “My god, hurry up and it eat!” Five people watched me polish off this dessert. It was incredible.

As you can tell, my pleasures revolve around food and there are more pleasures out there to enjoy. I can’t wait!


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