BACKSTAGE: Jeanne Beker (Fashion Television) with Danielle Brown getting ready to strut the runway at Dare To Wear Love.

In my previous post, I was fundraising in support of the Stephen Lewis Foundation. With the support of my friends, family and colleagues, I was one of the top three fundraisers who qualified to walk to runway during the World Mastercard Toronto Fashion Week at the closing night show called Dare to Wear Love. It may surprise you but I can be somewhat shy. So, I chose my very adorable niece, Danielle, to walk in my place.

The experience of having to raise money, seek donations for prizes, and selling tickets gives me an appreciation for the hard work of people who fundraise for the many worthy causes and for the people that spend the time organizing the events that surround them. And these are fabulous parties – fun people, great DJs, gourmet food and open bars.

Who doesn’t enjoy a great party?

Mark your calendars to save the date for some of the top fundraising parties in the city! They need our support.








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